How You Treat Animals Is How You Treat People

August 21, 2007

Michael Vick the Atlanta Falcons Super Star which Children wanted to emulate has finally acknowledged that he had been involved in Dog Fighting.

Children looking for roll models today have made celebrities their hero’s but what gives celebrities the right to embrace this status and influence the lives of young minds?

Michael Vick who has done nothing but throw a football and abuse animals had been seen as a really good guy to the youth that wanted to be like him.

Paris Hilton who is famous for doing nothing is often seen out and about ridiculing others, drinking and driving and appearing at events to be seen—why does anyone care?

Too many parents appear to want others to raise their children, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton once said, “It takes a community to raise a Child.” Why?

Do parents really want the “Community” to raise their kids or are they so unsure of their own abilities or how to be a positive roll model that they encourage their children to seek out and find superficial hero’s?

There was this one young girl that I will call “Amy” that became a very special person in my life. Amy was taught by her parents to respect others, work hard and that education is the key to success. As Amy grew up into a very talented, self-assured and wholesome young woman, I learned a great deal from my friend and have valued all the many memories I will always treasure with Amy.

What makes Amy unique is that she was taught at home to be respectful of others, to be polite, to be kind and courteous and her family watched who Amy would be spending time with.

Amy is a first generation American, her parents came from China and Amy had the values instilled in her young life that helped to develop her into the very fine young woman she is today.

While Amy’s parents were hard at work providing for a better life for their children, Amy soon realized hard work and perseverance were a good thing. Being neighbors to this wonderful Chinese family, we all became good friends and I soon appreciated being able to spend time with my friends–an extension of my family.

When Amy arrived into middle school she loved sports and while she became an active participant in athletics learning good sportsmanship and team work, I soon looked forward in attending all of her athletic events, encouraging her always and wanted to remind Amy, ” you can do anything.” Her parents worked hard to provide for the welfare of their children. I became very proud of Amy and admired this young person that was working to achieve so much for her young life as a first generation American.

Amy graduated at the top of her High School class in 2002 and went on to College doing exceptionally well there. Throughout her life I was so very glad to know this wonderfully, talented, uniquely special kind young woman and I am very proud of her and all that she has accomplished and I tell her so–often.

Amy learned values and responsibility from her family and the friends she developed in her life were known by her family.

I do not see Amy as often today as I would otherwise like but I know in my heart that Amy has grown up to be a very good individual and society is fortunate to have people like Amy in our midst.

Being active in the lives of children teaches them to become good citizens. Teaching children to become an important figure in someone else’s life is a living investment that continues to flourish from generation to generation.

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August 21, 2007

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